The engine is the heart of your car and the last place where you want to have problems. A number of signs can signal engine problems, including everything from excessive smoke from the tailpipe to excessive oil use. Often, the first sign of trouble is when the “Check Engine Light” comes on.

The Check Engine Light comes on in response to the sensors that monitor the car’s functions. It could mean that something in the emissions system isn’t working, the fuel cap is loose, or there is a serious problem in the engine.

Some of the causes of engine problems are normal such as regular wear and tear. Failing to provide quality maintenance can also lead to engine problems. Driving the vehicle when it is low on oil or after it has overheated can lead to major damage.

What to Do When the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon Light Comes On

The onboard diagnostics system is there to alert drivers to potential problems. What it doesn’t always do is pinpoint exactly where the problem is. While the light may indicate a minor problem, the opposite could also be true. Bringing it in for an inspection is not something you should put off. It’s always better to fix a problem while it’s still minor before it has a chance to advance to a major problem that costs a lot of money to repair.

If your vehicle begins making unusual sounds or suddenly has low oil pressure or other changes in how it performs, don’t wait for a light on the dashboard to prompt you to take action. There’s always a reason for these changes, and you need a professional technician to pinpoint what it is.

Check Engine


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